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Head and neck cancer treatments are by far the hardest radiation treatments for patients to endure.  It is the duty of all Radiation Oncology staff to make it as easy as possible.  One way to do this is to introduce the Silverman AccuRest into the equation.  This headrest is not  just the only patient indexing headrest, it is the only headrest that provides accuracy and comfort at the same time.  Utilizing the in-room laser systems paired with basic patient anatomy and the headrest indexing scales we can produce absolute accuracy and minimize mask flexion and facial pinching.  This all adds up to more accurate treatments, better patient comfort, increased Radiation Therapist confidence and less patient table time.  Fill out the information request for pricing.


Over 20 years experience working in the Radiation Oncology field, with many years devoted to the patient simulation process the Silverman Accu-Rest was founded.  Through trial and error this device has been created to help solve the head and neck intricacies, improve patient comfort, improve patient setup, minimize excessive imaging which leads to improved patient outcomes.  The original Silverman Headrests were phenomenal breakthroughs and have been a staple in Radiation Oncology clinics for over 40 years.  This new Silverman upgrade allows Therapists to use basic head and neck landmarks using the in-room lasers systems along with incorporating the patented head rest indexing scales to perfectly place the patient on the headrest in the exact position from simulation table to treatment table.  



New Patented design Head Rests for Head and Neck Cancers



Indexing Headrests to improve patient setup accuracy

If you are interested in purchasing these incredibly accurate headrests, click the button below and we will get back to you with pricing.

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